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Crow Calling  by Sherry Roberts




The Wind Is Calling Her . . . Again

by Sherry Roberts (author blog)

Ariel Lee secretly rides the wind above the family farm in Cosette, Minnesota. Born with the gift of flight, she loves being Up There in the skies and wind—until the day her mysterious gift accidentally hurts someone. Rejecting the call of the wind, Ariel loses her connection to herself, the skies, and Nature. When she is drawn back to Cosette, she finds the wind—and a storm of decisions—waiting for her. Can she rediscover her place in this world of wind and sky in time to save Cosette and the man she loves?

Up There takes flight in a sweet and captivating blend of magical realism, heartwarming love, and small-town sensibility

“A magical story in which the wind is a living thing and speaks to young Ariel, causing her nothing but trouble. In Up There, Sherry Roberts spins an enchanting tale of self-discovery that climaxes in a literal cataclysmic whirlwind as the adult Ariel finally comes to terms with the person she was always meant to be. Roberts’s vivid imagery almost lifts off the page to float away in the breeze.”

Michael Allan Mallory, author of the award-winning
The Lost Dragon Murder