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Crow Calling  by Sherry Roberts




Saving the Monarchs & Catching a Killer

by Sherry Roberts (author blog)

A warning of crows. A murdered environmentalist. A bleeding-heart butterfly sanctuary. Everyone in Gabriel’s Garden knows who’s to blame: the Skyes. Can yoga master Maya Skye find the killer before someone else dies? The crows bring her clues. So does local newspaperman Peter Jorn. Even the dead man—a modern-day Johnny Appleseed—has tales to tell from his violent past.

Crow Calling combines the intrigue of small-town Minnesota with an absorbing mystery and the challenge of saving the monarchs. This unconventional cozy shines like the “gifts” of crows.

This is Book Three in the Maya Skye series. Book One is Down Dog Diary. Book Two is Warrior’s Revenge. All of the books in this cozy mystery collection feature a strong heroine, unforgettable characters, and dilemmas that test our heart and spirituality.

“In Crow Calling, Sherry Roberts seamlessly weaves murder, ecology and small-town paranoia into a mystery only her beautiful, intuitive yoga instructor, Maya Skye, could unravel—for it is Maya who understands the language of crows. Reader, enjoy!”

Faith Sullivan, author of Good Night Mr. Wodehouse